Use anonymous emails for online services.

Use a browser extension to sign up to services without giving away your email address. Your emails will be privately forwarded to your real inbox.

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Stop giving out your email address when signing up for services and filling out forms for yet another “free” ebook. Automatically generate and save your private email addresses quickly and accurately.


Steamrant delivers emails to the email inbox you already use and allows you to toggle an address off when a service begins sending you spam in a single click. No more unsubscribe links with lengthy forms and logins.


Whenever you are done with your private email address you can delete it and will never receive any mails on that address again, making it very useful for wifi access points, ebook downloads and other portals that just want to collect your personal information.


Steamrant’s modern architecture adds no noticeable lag to receiving your emails so you’re never waiting for a confirmation link.


Steamrant has your back when it comes to security. Using modern encryption and secure cloud environments so your emails are secure.


We care about your privacy and commit to never selling your personal information to anyone, ever.

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