24th November 2019

How To Protect Your Email From Spam Using Burner Emails

It is virtually impossible to use the internet without requiring an email. Whether it is for newsletters, eBooks or sign up forms, you are often asked for an email. However, every time you give out your email, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of being spammed.

This is where burner emails can act as your firewall to the companies looking to spam you. Instead of giving out your real email address online, you can instead sign up using a burner email that is privately and securely forwarded to your real inbox. Every time you sign up, you simply generate a new, random email address. This means you can know which service is spamming you and simply stop the forwarding of emails from them. Let's take a look at how a burner email approach works.

1. Sign up to a burner email service

This will be the last time you'll need to give out your real email address online. Make sure you pick a burner email service that has a solid privacy policy, so you know where your data is being stored, for how long and which third parties will have access to it.

2. Install a browser plugin

Most burner email services offer up browser plugins to make it simple to generate a new email every time you are on a sign up form. They will embedd a small button on the text input that creates a new address and connects it to your real email address.

3. Read your emails like you do today. Mute the ones who spam you.

Your burner email service will now be forwarding emails to your regular email inbox. You can see which service each email comes from. If one of them starts to spam, taking back control of your inbox is as easy as muting that service.

Ready to take back control of your inbox? Sign up to Steamrant below and start using burner emails online today!

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