8th December 2019

How Anonymous Emails Can Protect You From Phishing

An offer from your phone provider, you can upgrade to the latest model iPhone and keep your current contract terms at no extra cost. When you see an exciting offer from a service provider like this, the chances are great that you won’t be very cautious. This is exactly what criminals abuse when they employ phishing attacks; And the thing that helps them most? People on the internet tend to have have a single email address.

Phishing is common. According to Verizon’s 2019 report on data breaches, 32% of breaches involved phishing. That’s higher than malware (28%), stolen credentials (29%), and errors causing a beach (21%). If your email client doesn’t filter out the phishing attempt to spam or flags it as suspicious. How likely do you think you are to click a phishing email? What if it’s an urgent email you see on the phone and you’re out of office? Criminals know that the world is becoming increasingly more comfortable with doing important actions on the phone and abuse it.

So. How can we protect ourselves online knowing that it’s likely that phishing attempts will become more and more common. The answer? Anonymous emails provided by a service like Steamrant.

There’s a couple elements that will make your online life more secure by signing up for Steamrant. The most obvious one is that you will not give out your actual email address to web services, so it’s less likely for your email address to leak and be abused by criminals. If a web service leaks your Steamrant forward address, just enter the portal and turn it off.

Second, we can let you know when you start receiving emails from senders that are out of the ordinary. A quick alert can let you know if your email forwarding address has been compromised and gives you the opportunity to quickly change to a new one.

Last but not least, you can check which service you created this email address for. If your bank all of a sudden reaches out on your amazon email, you can be sure that this is a phishing attempt and you should probably investigate where this leak originated.

Sign up for Steamrant below and protect yourself from the dangers online.

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