24th November 2019

3 Ways Burner Emails Are Better Than Temporary Emails For Your Privacy

Burner emails are an underutilized tool for protecting your privacy online. They are ideal for protecting you from spam and phishing attacks.

1. Burner emails can be used for long-term use.

Temporary emails are great for one-time use and typically expire within 10 minutes or so. However, what if you want to be able to continue to receive email privately from a sender? Burner emails are great for signing up to new SaaS tools, eBooks and newsletters because they will continue to be forwarded to your real inbox up until the point you decide to mute those services.

2. Burner emails are easier to use when you need them.

Using a temporary email involves opening a new tab, Googling for your provider of choice and pasting in the new email. This is too much friction. Burner emails provide you with browser plugins, that give you access to emails that forward to your real inbox directly on the email form. This is faster than even typing in your real email address.

3. Burner emails are more private.

Temporary email services often make no guarantees about the privacy of the email. This is typically fine because you will be using it for one time, throw away use cases. In comparison, burner emails are securely and privately forwarded to your real inbox. You can read them in the same secure email client that you read your personal emails.

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