Protect your privacy with burner emails.

The future of the internet is private, Steamrant lets you sign up to services without revealing your identity. Get your emails privately forwarded to your real email.

Steamrant extension on a login page

Protect your identity from every service you sign up for.

It is a one-click process to use a unique burner email address for each service you sign-up to, without them knowing your real email.

Muting services in Steamrant

Easily mute services that spam you. You're in charge.

If you decide you don't want to receive emails from a service anymore, or they are spamming you with emails, just switch off the account in Steamrant.

Regular Gmail inbox

Keep using the email app of your choice.

Steamrant works in the background and sends you the emails that you want to receive without delay, while protecting you from spam.

Shield yourself from common privacy violations.

Hiding your real email from third parties helps you to prevent a number of unnecessary privacy violations.

Lead enrichment.

Lead enrichment.

Many companies use services to automatically enrich your email address with other personal information, such as your name or the company you work for.



Your email address is almost certainly being sent to advertising platforms by nearly every service you sign up to.

Brute force attacks.

Brute force attacks.

Using your publically known email address makes it easier for attackers to attempt to brute force login with your accounts.

Open rate tracking.

Open rate tracking.

Companies often utilize invisible tracking pixels to monitor when you've read their marketing or sales emails.

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